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We attended "The C-Days" organized by CannabisHub in Barcelona.

For the third year, CannabisHub organized "The C-Days" at the Vértex Auditorium of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona on March 13.

The event organized by CannabisHub began at 9:00 a.m. with a meeting for all participants and attendees in which there was coffee and breakfast until 10:00 a.m. This first hour served for the hundreds of attendees to greet each other, time for reunions and to begin the first conversations of the day.

Rubén Valenzuela Moreno, agronomist and industrial engineer, founder of the Valenveras company and one of the main promoters of the Barcelona CannabisHub, welcomed from the podium and presented the day.

Presentacion de The C-Days de CannabisHub Barcelona
Ruben valenzuela Moreno opening the day

The auditorium was packed and there was also audiovisual recording equipment and a multitude of cameras to ensure that every second of the event was recorded for posterity. With the introduction he announced to us also that Steve D'Angelo could not attend but that the rest of the participants were present, so without further delay the talks began. Thus we listened to the interesting explanations of Viola Brugnatelli (Cannabiscienta SA), Alejandro Ocampo Giraldo (Congressman of the Republic of Colombia), Araceli Manjón-Cabeza Olmeda (Director of the Extraordinary Chair "Drugs of the 21st Century" at the Complutense University of Madrid), Jorge Cervantes (MarijuanaGrowing), María Pérez Rey and Montse Gómez (CTAEX), Bernardo Soriano (SF Abogados) and Heidi Whitman (KannaSwiss), who updated us in detail on current events from their particular and exceptional points of view.

This was followed by the first talk-debate on "Medicinal Cannabis" presented and conducted by Iker Valls (Sovereign Fields) and in which Carola Pérez (DosEmociones), Rob Smallman (Curaleaf) and Pablo Sancho (Medical Plants) participated.

The second talk-debate on "Non-Psychoactive Cannabis" was presented and led by lawyer Gabriela Sierra (Millor Dret Advocats). Isidre Carballido (Cannactiva), Trenton Birch (Cheeba Africa) and Giacomo Bulleri (Studio Legale Bulleri) participated in this interesting colloquium.

And for the third and last talk-debate held before the stop to replenish energy and eat "Regulated markets for adult use" we have the lawyer Guillermo Fernández (SF Abogados) as moderator with the guests Timo Bongartz (Cannavigia), Kitty Chopaka ( Chopaka) and Kyle Kushman (Blimburn Seeds).

After the lunch break, in which many of the attendees took the opportunity to chat and network, we returned to the auditorium to continue listening to the afternoon's talks. In this order we listened to the interventions of Nikita Cretu (Lumino), Kyle Kushman (Blimburn Seeds), Santiago Ongay (Full Canopy), Óscar Parés (ICEERS - Cannabmed), Nuria Calzada (Kykeon Analytics), Morris Beegle (Noco Hemp Expo) , Kim Stuck (Allay Consulting) and Javier Hasse (El Planteo / Benzinga).

Once again we can say that The C-Days met expectations and offered one of the most interesting events for the cannabis industry, uniting professionals from the sector in an idyllic setting to share experience and establish synergies that help the development of projects and ideas already active or in the future. Without a doubt, thank Cannabis Hub for organizing the event and all the entities that collaborated in its realization: Cannactiva, SF Abogados, Soveriegn Fields, Fundación Renovatio, Valenveras, DMT Advocats, CTAEX, The CBD Side, Ekis and Universitat Politécnica of Catalonia.

We are already waiting for the 4th Edition of "The C-Days" and we will tell you all the details as soon as it arrives so that you do not miss any details.


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